About us

The scene specialises in quality handmade terrain for table top war games.

Our handmade terrain is suitable for most scales, and can be used for many different genres.

All our handmade terrain is strong and durable and made to the highest quality, to give you many years of enjoyment.

HMB001All our hills are individually hand made. They have a 6mm MDF base, this is attached to high density Styrofoam, and just in case this is not strong enough for you there are three coats of sharp sand added.

They are then painted in three coats of paint, and finished off with small areas of flock.

This makes the hills probably the strongest hills on the market.

Our hills are available in Grey and  Brown, as the pictures show.

They are also available in brown with grey rocky outcrops similar to the rocky outcrop scatter terrain. Desert, and grey with areas of snow.

They can be made pretty much to any size and thickness

HMG010We can provide custom made scenery, from any size hill right through to complete war games tables.


All our rocky outcrops are very unique, and made to a very high standard.

They are based on 3mm laser cut MDF.

The larger rocks are applied to the MDF, then two coats of sharp sand are applied.

They are painted with three coats of paint. And finished with small areas of flock.

They are all available in the same colours as the hills.

We also do a range of multi level rock faced hills, and larger mountain pieces.

These items come in all the same colours as the hills and scatter terrain, so everything matches on the table top.They are made to a very high standard, the rock faces are hand carved, and covered in three coats of ceiling artex, to give them lots of extra strength.



The hills are made with 6mm MDF base covered with three coats of sharp sand.

You can get these items as corner pieces, or side pieces.

They make a great addition to any war games table.







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