New 15mm Post apocalyptic armoured swamp boats

Yes it has been a while since any updates or any new releases.  For this I can only apologise. Some health issues and the full time job being very full on for the last 6 months has put me behind on many planned new releases.

I am glad to say I should have plenty of time over the next few months to get plenty of new releases on the site.

To start with are these 15mm Post apocalyptic armoured swamp boats.


There are three slightly different variations of the same craft, all are available alone, or you can purchase all three at a reduced rate.

Cheers   Mike


  1. Recently received my order of Swamp boats, barge, dinghies, accessories, to be made into ‘Kriegsmarine 1946’ and added to a dockside diorama. Lovely detail and some of the boats would suit 1/72 scale too. Fast friendly service and highly recommended.

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