08 Insurgency forces rifle company.


Insurgency rifle company

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The ideal company level rifle force!

This force contains 3 platoon packs  , 1 HQ command pack, 1 HMG support pack and 1 support weapons platoon.



A command pack includes 5 command figures. 

A HMG pack contains 3 HMG and 6 crew figures

A Support weapons platoon containing 5 RPG, 5 LMG figures


And Three platoon packs.

Total 34 ,15mm Metal Figures and 1  HMG weapon

Containing 2 Rifle squads, 1 LMG,  1 RPG,  2 man HMG crew and 2 command figures. The figures will include a mix from several variants.

All figures will include a mix from several variants.


Total of 123 figures and four HMG.

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