Fallen pillar 02


Fallen pillar scatter terrain.

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One piece of ruined pillar scatter terrain.

This piece has been painted grey, the surrounding earth areas have been painted brown.

It is finished with areas of static grass and grass tufts.

It is hand finished and may vary slightly from the picture. Great for adding extra detail to games table.


This terrain piece is based on a 150mm x 100mm  MDF base. It has two pieces of broken pillars.

It is 22mm high at the highest point. The scale depends on what you use it for.

I use them for my 15mm games and 28mm, the figures in the pictures are for scale purposes and are not included in the price.

One of the figures is 15mm the other is 28mm.


If stock level is 0 it is made to order please allow extra time for delivery.

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